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China Movie

A video journey: Follow the Roundtable from meetings with government leaders in Beijing and Heilongjiang Province to school visits in Harbin. Hear what superintendents think of the experience. Read the full report here.

Cost Effectiveness in Education


Henry Levin of Teachers College, Columbia University

Tired of hearing public schools are nothing but a drain on public resources? This Roundtable meeting focused on educational outcomes, bang for the buck, and return on investment. In one district, every dollar spent on schools returned $1.53 to local and state coffers.

Study Mission to Europe

Bonner Primary students

Bonner Primary students

How do the Finns achieve the remarkable assessment results they produce on international assessments? How reliable are these assessments. And what do schools look like in Finland, France, and Europe? The Roundtable explored these issues during a grueling 10-day swing through three nations that included briefings on PISA at the agency that sponsors it, the Organization for Economic Collaboration and Development.

The Common Core

Roundtable members discuss where they are with the Common Core

Roundtable members from diverse states report on readiness for Common Core implementation

How is the Common Core shaping up according to its advocates? And what about the assessments associated with it? Starting with a presentation from an expert on institutional change, this Roundtable meeting explored the Common Core and district readiness to implement it. What emerged was a picture of an ambitious goal to reshape schools and pedagogy that seems now to be running up against the harsh realities of state budgets and politics.

Teacher Quality

How much do teachers contribute to student learning? How do we know? And what should teaching in the 21st Century look like?  These were among the questions attracting superintendents’ attention during this 2010 Roundtable meeting.

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