2018 Annual Meetings

What Have We Gained from 30 Years of Reform?
July 13-15, Chicago

Since A Nation at Risk was published in 1983, American schools have been bombarded with policy proposals and legislative enactments galore: National Education Goals, national standards, national assessments, testing throughout elementary and middle school grades. What has it all added up to? Has it made any difference? What has been left out of the conversation? Join us this summer to take up these topics.


Elements of Success in Schools

October 26-28, Washington

Credit: Richard Riccard

Sometimes policymakers act as though we don’t understand how to create the conditions for school success. But we know a lot more than we think. We need to focus on the whole child, commit to equity, access, and excellence, and engage communities and families. That’s a more complicated agenda than testing our way to improvement, but it’s an agenda that respects the complexity of the achievement challenge presented to today’s educators. Join us this fall in Washington, D.C., to explore these issues.

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