2017 Annual Meetings

Site Visit to Cuba
April 8-15

Join the Roundtable as we tour the island nation and speak to its people to learn from the experience of a national education system that accounts for nearly 13% of the country’s budget.

The agenda is packed. The site visit will start in Havana, where we’ll meet with teachers, artists, sociologists, urban planners, and diplomats, and tour the city’s cultural sites. We will also travel to the Vinales Valley, a stunning landscape; Cienfuegos, “the Pearl of the South”; and Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Future of Work
Washington, DC, July 14-16

Credit: Richard Riccardi

A tsunami of recent reports suggests that between 9 and 20% of today’s jobs will be replaced by technology and robots. Occupations potentially affected number in the tens of millions and include wait staff, bartenders, truck drivers, bookkeepers, lawyers, radiologists, writers and hedge fund managers. What are the implications for schools? How can we help our students face the future?


Education for Democracy
San Francisco, CA, October 27-29

Should public education aim to create skilled workers or educate young people for responsible citizenship? Both are important, but the emphasis recently has been toward serving the needs of the market. New evidence suggests our democracy is under strain. Two-thirds of Americans cannot name all three branches of the federal government. Only a third can identify the vice president or name a single Supreme Court justice. Declining proportions agree that free elections are important in a democratic society. As educators what are our options and obligations as we look ahead?

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