2019 Events

2019 Annual Meetings

Career and Technical Education in Europe
Study tour to Germany and the Czech Republic (additional fee), May 3-13

Visit automobile and other manufacturing plants, along with CTE and apprenticeship programs, and view famous sites such as the Brandenburg Gate during an 11-day study mission to Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and Munich.

Leading Amidst Criticism
Philadelphia, July 19-21

School leaders are swimming upstream against a flood of national criticism, although annual PDK polls consistently reveal that parents and citizens give high marks to their local schools. As one speaker told the Roundtable in 2018, principals and teachers are optimistic about the future but they worry “they will never get credit for their successes.” In this environment, how are superintendents to lead? Join us for a discussion of effective strategies grounded in practice about how to keep our eyes on the kids and not the critics.

Education and Creativity

Santa Monica, October 4-6

In the race to raise test scores, what have we lost? Why is it that, within a few years of entering formal education, the curiosity and excitement about learning of so many young children has been dulled into a search for the correct bubble? As Sir Kenneth Robinson asked in a seminal TED talk: Do schools kill creativity?

Join us in Santa Monica at the prestigious RAND Corporation as we rub shoulders with one of the world’s most influential voices in education in the Roundtable’s typical collegial and conversational environment.

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