July 2016 Presentations

Henry Braun and Irwin Kirsch, Boston College and ETS – Opportunity in America: Choosing Our Future, in four parts.  1  2  3  4

Paul Reville, Harvard – Poverty Matters: Making the Case for a System Overhaul

Julia Daniel, National Education Policy Center – Community Schools as an Effective Reform Strategy

Hydra Mendoza and Laurie Scolari, San Francisco Mayor’s Office and San Francisco Schools – Our Children, Our Families Council

Esta Soler, Futures Without Violence – Changing Minds, in three parts.  1  2  3

Ernesto Olivares, California Cities Violence Prevention Network – Cinco de Mayo, Then and Now

Godwin Higa, Cherokee Elementary School – How San Diego Unified is Treating Trauma

Eugen Chasin, Say Yes to Education – Creating Structures to Get Disadvanted Children into College

Alan Heaps, NJ Seeds – Enrolling Highly-Motivated Disadvantaged Children into Prestigious Secondary Schools

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