What Members Say about the Roundtable


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“I’ve cancelled other professional memberships so that I can participate in the Roundtable.”

Paul Ash, Superintendent, Lexington, Massachusetts

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“The quality of the people we meet through the Roundtable is remarkable. You don’t get the chance to interact directly with experts like these—Congressmen and European and Chinese educational leaders—in other organizations.”

 Marianne Bartley, Superintendent, Lebanon, Pennsylvania




“I wanted to learn from people on a national level. It’s really rare to be able to pull superintendents from all over the nation together…to learn from each other. It’s a strong group of comrades-in-arms tacking these issues together.”

Leslie Boozer, Superintendent, Fontana Schools, California



“I’m a Roundtable fan. This should have been available much earlier in my career.”

Gloria Davis, Superintendent, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice



“This is the best professional development I’ve ever had.”

Michael Gorman, Superintendent, Pemberton, New Jersey



“I knew right away that I was among an amazing group of people . . . We get to learn from the wider world. We’ve been to Boeing. We’ve been to Microsoft. Those experiences are not naturally afforded to us as superintendents.”

Margaret Hayes, Superintendent, Scotch Plains-Fanwood, New Jersey



“This is my first meeting. Already I know this is where I’m supposed to be!”

Gregory Hutchings, Superintendent, Shaker Heights, Ohio



“The biggest thing is the caliber of the presenters. These are people I would never get exposed to in my district, or even my state.”

Matthew Montgomery, Superintendent, Waterloo Schools, Ohio



“My board has put my membership in the Roundtable into my contract. I share Roundtable materials with board members who see the benefits they get from my participation. ”

Beverly Mortimer, Superintendent, Concordia, Kansas

Gary Plano


“This is what our graduate training should have been.”

Gary Plano, Superintendent, Mercer Island, Washington



“These meetings remind me of why I became an educator. This is a community of people who support each other and understand the job. I leave these meetings re-energized about this important work and encouraged to keep up the struggle.”

Janet Robinson, Superintendent, Stratford, Connecticut



“I haven’t missed a Roundtable meeting since I joined. This is an incredible deal. The briefing papers alone are worth the price of membership. I always share the briefing papers with my board.”

Rob Slaby, Storey County, Nevada


“I like to hear what’s practical. What are my colleagues doing to solve a common problem? And then I like to have my thinking challenged.”

Karen Woodward, Superintendent, Lexington Schools, South Carolina

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